Have an Idea? We help you launch it

Congrats! You have an awesome new idea. A new Social Media app that can give Facebook a run for its money. Or maybe a great Blockchain concept that will take the world by storm. Or a Fintech app that can change the way world is banking today. Whatever your dream is, we are sure its awesome.


But you don't have the team to build a quick MVP. That's where AjaniTech helps you. We are your partners in Technology. We help you launch your dream project.


AjaniTech helps non-tech entrepreneurs launch their tech products. We help you getting from zero to one. From back of paper sketch to an MVP.


Our team has helped scale multiple startups and can help you with our learnings. We are happy to be the devil's advocate.


We help you connect with Investors with warm intros, so that you can cut the chase and get directly to pitching what you have built.

We also support you with

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